i flew from san francisco to northampton for more fun!


northampton coffee's synesso


fernando sent us to the tunnel bar


jeremy at the tunnel bar


peter hughes at the tunnel bar


me at the tunnel bar. dude this place is in a tunnel!

why is jeremy sad? he's in a tunnel!


jeremy greets the storm of ages


the next day, there is a muffin sale!

davey and my sandwich at woodstar


desi at woodstar


mark ibold was only allowed to have yogurt


allison and davey after the muffin sale


midday scrabble with fernando


storm of ages takes hold of the northampton academy of music


sonic youth on valentine's day!


dan mapp and peter keep it real


davey waits for people to finish fancy coffees


allison at brunch


peter also at brunch


confused understandings of vegetarianism at sylvester's restaurant


but at least they gave davey the whole can of whipped cream!


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