hey the ecstatic peace offices are pretty fun


like if you like bowling


or lucky the dog


does andrew play with all these toys?


lowly worm, even?


steve keane


jessica from wooden wand


strange meetings of easthampton


davey kills time while we poke around the office


the nice thing about eastworks is they have a shelf in the toilet for your lambs bread record


back at 43 hayes, michael has finished fernando off in a scrabble tourney


this is the coffee peter brought with him from rochester (upside down)


leaving northampton and all its goodness






bridgey two




the only other car at the service area was a little more equipped than us for the storm


new york state thruway apocalypse




snow bank, rochester, ny


and we made it all the way there in a miata!


< back to northampton | let's enjoy rochester, shall we?