where better to birthday your robert than the springy upstate?


heading outta town


violating homeland security


scrabble, crumble

which barn sale was that again?


the one with the cocks?


pat checks out some kind of rocket contraption


this is particularly nice because it explains to the driver pilot which side is right and which is left


hey, it's chris nelson grating some carrots


and dan varenka chopping. he is not impressed by my sweet potatoes.


how do you get into a can of crushed pineapple without a can opener?


somewhat violently, it would seem


dishwash pat


robert up his birthday tree


woodland robert, pg


"only four and a half hours to rochester!"


evelyne and dan


so um then we decorated the bathroom


ever showered with 74 cubic feet of balloons? you'll thank me later!

bask on a rock >