devious yet festive?


purely festive!


inadvertent mouse ears


bucolic neg-fi


camp robert '07


they almost look fake happy, don't they?


evelyne: the mermaid of the catksills


we're talking about a giant kaleidoscope, right?


dan keepin it real by the slab of rock


it was all fun and games until pg six overdosed on that oxycontin cake


dan and pat stayin' prayed up


actually, they were part of the symphony of five blades of grass


looks like a little improvising going on


pat tries to figure out the "too much metal for this blade of grass" fingering


...and of course, everyone is upstaged by nelson


but what's that you're rushing here to tell us, crisis man?


"we've got to clear out of the farmhouse before sunday traffic in west nyack! hurry!"


"i'm off!"


home sweet thruway


happy birthday robert!

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