where better to while away a saturday than western new york?


steve explains something complex to gloria over breakfast at the ol' frog pond


i think maybe this is jeff telling me not to take his picture. what do you think?


we busted out of rochester to see if we could make it to the jell-o museum in le roy


we got there with only about five minutes left (note toronto blue jays jell-o mold)


which was enough time for some meal inspirations
(this is actually a 3-D display case here, it's just incredibly surreal)


and this picture


a waterfall in batavia


a water tower in batavia — that was being dismantled!


i absolutely insisted on stopping at the miss batavia family restaurant


suddenly it was 10pm and we were at a putt putt in tonawanda, ny (note waterfall)


hi mr. giraffe


suddenly it was midnight and we were at niagara falls!


jeff and the falls


self-portrait with waterfall