wychwood carhouse



over the past 20 years, these once stately streetcacar barns have come down in the world
even the more modern traffic building is now christmas tree compost (in may)
what little remains of the tracks is hardly dangerous
inside are many service bays like this one

about the only thing seeing any action in this place is the moss

here we find some spare ventilation ducts
all over the carhouses are beautiful leftover signs like this. oh, and huge piles of bricks.
track power
thinking about safety apparently consumed a lot of the employees' time
carhouse seniority...these people have all moved on to roncesvalles, russell or harvey shops
dusty wheels
lots of hoists here if you like that sort of thing
these drawers are still full of parts. was there no one who could carry them across town to use at the other facilities?
a representative impression of the dirt
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