we went poking around

1 Spadina Crescent

some of the inviting decor that greets you right away
keep closed... leave open... so many rules
a funny thing happened on our way to the sieve analysis laboratory

someone had a lot of fun with the paint sprayer (all of these had "danger" tags on them at some point)


here is a big red thing
oh good, it comes with a nice green thing
looking up, one can see some barrels. did i mention this building is an eye bank? that's right, eyes.

there were in fact three floors of barrels. i should point out that many of these barrels were uncovered and contained mysterious guck

. i should also point out that it seemed like no one had been in this storehouse for quite some time (at least that's what the spiders said). i urged a hasty retreat from this toxic playground.


but not without another picture of the barrels
and a nice photo of the red thing from above!