this is the story of my trip to the tower at the tippy-top of

toronto general hospital

shortly before they tore the damn thing down

coming upstairs, the light streams in beautifully

the interior of the tower is fairly humble

and it looks like they had concerns about the structural integrity of this door
while there are balconies on the outside of each of the four sets of doors, their use is heavily restricted
these doors are extra cautious!
though by these doors you can sit for awhile and chill
a rarely seen view of the aqueducts
a view of the banting and best institutes at the university of toronto, through some double-paned broken glass
after awhile, it was finally time to say goodbye
but what an amazing thing it was to finally go behind those derelict doors

i'd like to spare you the wrecking ball, old friend, but that's not how they do things in this town.

i'm just glad to say i knew you.

toronto general home