michigan city, in


the michigan city brewery is twice-abandoned: once forsaken as a brewery, the second time around as an office complex

a crazy-beautiful brick compound, it got renovated in the '80s

it was renovated in sort of... hobbit-style
and since its most recent life in the late '90s, has been basically reclaimed by nature

former tenants of buildings 5 and 6

this looks like georgia, not indiana

two kinds of former trees


(note that this was actually the last caption for this same table cell from a previous photoset...but it works, so i'm leaving it)

access to the inside is not really a problem if you need some old office papers
not-so-tough cleaning service, and a carefully repaired window (plexiglass + 3 pcs electrical tape) in building 6
the building will soon be entirely camouflaged
exterior catwalks
it's like it grew out of the window
handicapped park'n
wild berries in the courtyard
icicle vines