atlantic avenue tunnel

brooklyn, ny


smack in the middle of atlantic and court streets is a manhole you may not have noticed

it leads down into the atlantic avenue tunnel

built in 1845 and abandoned in 1861, it is considered the world's first underground train tunnel
tours are being offered again, led by bob diamond, who discovered the tunnel in the 1980s after many had forgotten and denied its existence

the arched brick ceiling of the cut-and-cover tunnel

a crowd gathers around bob to listen to tunnel history

built as part of the Long Island Railroad, this tunnel was originally intended as part of a system to facilitate faster travel between New York and Boston. you can still see the railroad ties and whitewashed ceiling.

the tunnel stretches off not into infinity, but to hicks street
improvised lighting
a view down the tunnel from the court st. side

humidity fogging up the entrance portal.


amazing. please go on the tunnel tour; brooklyn is lucky to have it.