on march 30 i attended the 50th birthday party of the toronto subway


these ladies were handing out commemorative badges from their little baskets


anxiously awaiting the arrival of the commemorative train at eglinton station


this fellow had a commemorative flamingo on his head


he was part of this corp of musical engineering students


we got on the comemmoratively decorated train, but it turned out to not be the real commemorative train!


the real train was right behind us, containing the prime minister, the premier, and the mayor


...and the mayor's kids


down at union station, things were very festive


very festive
(why must the ttc always hire, like, jugglers and dudes on stilts and mimes and scottish tattoos for these events?)


several people were likely killed in the process of making this really big cake, or at least waiting in line for it


i waited for cake next to this guy who wanted the mayor's autograph (you can't see it, but there is actually a cut-out photo of him glued to the notebook page)