september antics included, but were not limited to:


1. intense relaxation


2. repainting of the kitchen for future homeowners


3. dan o. trying to keep a straight face while pranking mark


4. mark trying to keep a straight face while being totally mad at dan o. about the prank


5. riding on subways


6. drinking bluebottle courtesy of tim and sarah (thank you!)


7. socializing with attractive coffee professionals


8. watching stern (but also attractive) coffee professionals judge each other in competition


9. attending the grand opening of a cafe featuring an entire roasted pig


10. meeting this blurry dude jonathan and then running into him inexplicably every day for two straight weeks


11. having coffee with john and amber (photo taken pre-coffee ingestion)


12. impromptu chow chow party on the mercury espresso bar patio (there were like, 100 more, this is just the best one)


13. manic coffee opening near my house, and stealing nick brown's hat


14. being eyed suspiciously by sam james


15. finally getting rich at coinstar (also, spilling all my coins on the floor first)


16. dog