hey, maybe i should get a ride to the pitchfork music festival with scott and lisa?


yes, it looks like i should. we should also eat at big boy because canadians think it is amazing.


then they can drop me off to see my mom, nomar and panda


mom and nomar


once i was done with them, i headed into chicago


dan grzeca at flatstock!


pete came from canada too! he is watching the mountain goats, and he is very hot.


pete and wanette check out some people making out on justin's phone.


justin bought manties at H&M


gerard showed up despite rumours to the contrary


derek gave me a water


scott and lisa are right on schedule with the next band


pete and liz dying from chicago summer


hey, speaking of summer, let's have a pool party!


unless we're too tired


pete and peter..um...guys?


franklin regales us with a long story about the music industry


night swimming!


go to the next day of pitchfork!