meanwhile, in the wilds of oregon...


did not try it


oh, look, i found a long-lost cousin






downtown portland


cities of many bridges +++


rooftop lagoon




wild wheel garden




took the train to olympia-lacey


no fun-having here at the olympia-lacey amtrak station, please!


elvin and mariella picked me up!


my first time in olympia. how?


really, i came to see the bees


elvin bee-keeping it real


screen shot




more in the garden


most of the bees were asleep for my visit


walking to downtown olympia...these guys have it pretty good


some of the highights of the destoner at batdorf and bronson coffee roasters. yes, non-coffee-nerds, these are things that you are protected from....


ladies' room at espresso parts...the kind of thing i have scary dreams about


and back in sammamish...i settled down for a bit with pawpi


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