i was in new york in july, as it happens


coney island from the air!


marc, easily talked into an after-work coffee


random shiba inu on 20th street


random chris bavitz on the A train!


world trade center made of staples, a.k.a. the best photo i have ever taken, jackson heights, queens


amy met me at nathan's


nathan's is extremely american


the ocean!

this dog on the boardwalk seemed unafilliated with any particular group, though i do believe that is his wife and child to the right


astroland last gasps








surf avenue


some helpful things you can buy on the street in coney island


"hobby tweezers"


netcost russian supermarket


amy and an adorable sausage


encased meat


if only it really came in that jug


"taste of the childhood!"


mosey along to greenpoint >