in july i installed myself in new york city for a good long stretch


niagara river gorge from the train


mark going incognito at breakfast


triangle plus square = love


brownie troop #496 loves new york, and so do i


chris at cafeteria


flower flower


then we went to buy some cherries


and fishing line


this thing has a lot of exciting messages


so in new york, they actually have people whose whole job it is to tie string and handles to boxes for you in stores.


new york vespa


we had a little tea for elena at wild lily


she enjoyed being on this phone call


unbelievable tea service! i think i'm still full actually.


elena and iris on 8th ave


the next day i saw comet!


comet likes to be attacked by her friend sake


self-portrait liz and comet


need your car a/c fixed cheap on avenue A? you're in luck!


monster sushi with andrea and doug


doug eating too big a mouthful


you know it's love when you can get doug to move to new york


let's do more stuff >