text message says: "muckdogs win!"


danielle, peter, lara and john pat after the cyclones' crushing defeat at the hands of mighty batavia


peter indulged me for a shot with sandy


requisite nathan's


man these don't in any way look good to eat


candy apples, bicycle, lara cohen. it doesn't get much more photogenic.


the parachute jump is now lit at night again!


requisite burger lady




crazy lights from beach


peter calling his lady from the shores of the atlantic


shoes back on...


and headed straight for the clam bar!




peter forgot to read the sign


we met paul for a late drink back in park slope


peter at great lakes


the next day was elena's birthday and even though she wanted thai, she let us take her to cupcakes & burgers instead, because it is funnier.


elena telling peter exactly how much fun she had seeing us in new york. time to get the train back to rochester!


< keyspan park, home of the brooklyn cyclones