stella had a bath


i visited monkey, who has a lovely new chair


elena had to go to detroit


so peter and i headed out to flushing meadows-corona park


me and elsie. well, you have to believe me anyway.




peter liz unisphere


new york state pavillion




finally seeing this was kind of one of those "is this really happening?" moments


the "tent of tomorrow" now the "tent of yesterday"

(see more photos of the new york state pavillion here)


flushing meadows statue flarey


made it back to brooklyn one minute before awesome color went onstage!


the nice old ladies from warsaw serve up full dinners of kielbasa, pierogi, sauerkraut and bread all for $5! mccarren park pool!




"the kids" on the edge of the pool


you really can't fight nature, can you?


lifeguard platform


yeah yeah yeahs at sunset


man, this place is nice


entrance to mccarren park pool


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