why not roadtrip to new orleans?

highway 402 sunset


over in southfield, michigan, dorion is making a dress out of rubber goldfish


she is also drinking some water




allenn enjoying a vernor's waffle at the detroit breakfast house before i kidnapped him to the south


al and andy on woodward ave


i can't make this funnier. i won't even try.


this one either, actually


homemade ice cream & pie kitchen, louisville, ky


portland brew, nashville, tn


first sweet tea of the trip!


meat & three, sylvan park diner, nashville (note that "congealed fruit salad" is at the front)


mississippi is all about leftover rocket ships. that, and the confederacy, i mean.


you can't read it, i know. but this alabama plate reads "4 MEAT"


onward to new orleans >