here are lots of pictures from may


this has become my normal morning workplace


some people came for dinner, and eileen was the only one who could open the magnum of spumante bambino


and then todd measured people's head circumference with his tree measurer (really)


dundas street ravaged by constructicons


blue water bridge


hey, is that a truck full of toronto's garbage? i must be on my way to michigan!


in fact, i must be stuck on the bridge in stopped border traffic


that's ok, there was this cute baby on the other end


he belongs to andy!


ryan is kinda flying... admittedly i helped out


amanda, ryan, andy


blue blue blue sky


uniroyal tire!


oh hey, it's steve congratulating hutsul on getting married


and ariel in from montreal to enjoy some academia


college street sunset/wires




"happy barista"


bunny time is anytime


susan and howie came to buffalo with me for ghost train


mercury espresso renovated...right back into the past


this is elisa not answering your email


and woodward in the magik markers' drum (hey, if chris corsano can be in bjork, why the hell not?)


go to new york for a short bit >