coupla things from march that may require your attention


suzanne learned about mosquitos at the monkey's paw


hydro lines


shawn in the snow


alice berg at mercury espresso's one-year birthday party


alice gives dan a little face-paintin'


strangely, someone still asked him if he wanted a coffee


peter, dan, alice on queen east


frighteningly adorable astrid has cocoa at the common


toronto junction


toronto junction (outside the salvation army...can you tell?)


egg crates (outside sneaky dee's)


guy washing a brick wall


university of toronto's most dedicated chris ware scholar


chris reacts to the massive amount of tape flags on his book


chris and seth at an awkward cartoonist-academic summit at the victory


over in buffalo, dan and carol are at the first annual buffalo small press fair!
notice that all hey buddy! t-shirts come pre-lint-rolled for your convenience.


carol and paul at amy's place. i think they were hungry.