We could really smell the donuts now.


At the back of the tent you could buy some expensive Roots(TM) brand KrispyKreme(TM) T-shirts!


After an hour and fifteen minutes, we were in. Inside the store, it was DONUT PANDEMONIUM!


Some managerial types eye the freshly extruded dough.


A caravan of donuts approaches the glaze barrier.




Finally Mike got to order some donuts!


Mike poses in front of the KK PT Cruiser with his paltry three boxes. (Some people got more than ten.
Many people took orders on their cell phones for everyone they knew.)



There was also a pretty good sized fire in the parking lot while we were there, so it was an all-around festive morning.


On behalf of Canada, I would like to personally welcome the Krispy Kreme corporation to our country.
Who needs ya, North Tonawanda!

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