june provided an array of photographic subjects for me to show you


woodward helping out with the writing biz


uhm... but i don't even know what it is you do back there!


i went over to visit bailey and xander


we played a little scrabble


scaffold gorilla


peppers and onions


sue came for a visit! she likes to text message.


she also likes lobster benedict and a bloody caesar for brunch! what is this, a cruise ship?


then we went to the zoo to see lynx! the kitties are having a bath!


lynx are totally awesome


this moose, a little less impressive to me


someone at the zoo was both christian AND wanted to keep their car cool


bbq s'mores!


dave was right — the whole foods marshmallows don't really char that well


no, sue and i were not able to consume all of these


andrea and sue show off their balls


suzanne and sue


robbie showed me her tongue


and then we met a puppy named buddy


and then i had breakfast with aaron and charlie