some autumnal happenings


it seems woodward took on an acolyte recently


he likes to keep her at arm's length


now how am i supposed to get any work done around here?


yeah, let's forget work and go to cereal city, usa with jeff


allenn came too, and got free dry cornflakes


which he chased down with a cider donut at the dexter mill


jeff in some kind of holy cider glow


my old house in ann arbor, which has since been removed to make way for "new parking opportunities"


damian and i went to visit her pretend cat, poncho


and poncho's babies


nicole (left) stopped in for a bite to eat


i had a pomegranate


fred came to town


bob came over to use the wifi


paul flew in for a game of five-pin


and we played a healthy amount of scrabble


let's go to columbus!! >