eyeweekly xmas party 2006 at "c" lounge


dale duncan. (wearing her neon with "simple elegance", sez k. grant)


nick flanagan


damian rogers, neon circa 1920


ed keenan, thinking hard


hard enough to confuse shawn micallef?


stuart berman is onto them


as is tyler clark burke


kieran grant trying to decide what kind of statement to make with his neon loopy


it's peter burke, publisher in a sort of rings of saturn motif


catherine farquharson


caroline lock thinks, "what the fuck is liz doing with her camera? wait — i trust her."


unsurprisingly, people try to get kieran to take off his clothes


tearin' it up with fire hazards


self-portrait by sparkler light


someone else's sparkler


m@b and shawn share a moment on the waterbed


matt blackett


dale pensive (but really texting her boyfriend)