inside the stade, plenty of seats available for $5 each


this strange canopy over the hole in the roof is quite...well, strange


but it is pretty


in other news, there was a game going on. not much of one, though.
the expos' tomo okha gave up six runs in the first to les marlins de floride, and the game didn't get any better after that.


at least we got to sit in these really uncomfortable chairs.
apparently the thing to do in montreal is just make as much noise as possible by slamming the bottom of the seat next to you into the back.
it gets incredibly loud in there, as there is no shortage of empty seats.

see a movie of this obnoxious brat near us slamming chairs into themselves (1.7m AVI)


hot-dogs were only 1,00$, but the lines were atrocious since more than half of the concession stands were closed


that didn't stop people from pigging out, though


here are amanda and andy wondering where youppi is


inside the stade at night it looks pretty cool




les turnstiles


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