jeff and doug and i headed west for andy and amanda's wedding


we began the trip roughly at Nye's Pollonaise in Minneapolis


this is why minneapolis is great


because you can eat brunch at the bowling alley! here's josh.


here are robert and doug


here are the bowling shoes


a sinclair station in young america, minnesota


abandoned restaurant somewhere on US 212, south dakota


field of lincolns somewhere on US 212, south dakota


lovely 212 sunset (minutes before i got a speeding ticket)


the official redfield, SD pheasant statue


al joined us in south dakota for a meal at leo's "good food you can bank on"


('cos it used to be a bank, get it? this is the salad bar vault!)


homemade cinnamon rolls and non-dairy creamer were the style in redfield


as was running into all your friends from "the east" while downtown to buy socks for your wedding


dakota growers had some picturesque grain implements


these towers were very photogenic


proof that i went to south dakota


later, after the wedding, allenn relaxed for a little while in our room


so i could wake him up early for breakfast at sak's!


to north dakota