time for summer trip home, part I


stuck in traffic on the rainbow bridge over niagara falls




sunshine awaits!


and so does peter hughes!


what's that now? are we somewhere fun?

oh shit, we're at hot doug's!


representative chicago junk truck. i give this one a 5/10. not really that precariously stacked.


fancy coffee time over in indiana


michigan city farmer's market


yes, i do find a large roll of butter particularly exciting, thank you for asking


hey joe puleo!


three oaks by night


carrie weston drinking


bob weston drinking


beck has the world's largest bubble-maker!


nite bubblin


john watered the lawn where beck spilled all the glycerine on it


headed back to indiana one more time—mom has iced coffee all ready for us


yo panda, 'sup?


i used this fountain


day lilies


marina sunset


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