did you forget to come to the annual canada day bbq?


jason and shawn don't exactly look like they're having a good time...


DP, also surly


I'm noticing a theme here


to be fair, matthew is usually making this face


greg normally looks like this, too


don, when you put out your solo album, i will sell you this photo


pete in the back, seemingly surly as well


susie eating a gummi tarantula (eeeeeeeeeeee!)


carol not getting a sunburn; dan


shauna & audrey


multipurpose grill—really, why limit yourself?


zenia (and um the latest issue of barista magazine)


everyone wore the name tag of a "famous" canadian—even steven

admittedly, with some modifications


bbq-enabled s'mores. (the third shift of the party saw this photo and sent me back to the grill to make more at midnight)


and then there is dave eating the "marcheesi". yes it is wrapped in a cheese single and no he wasn't drunk.


nathalie and peter


matthew, amber, sasha. by the way matthew is slowly hiring all my friends to work at his cafe. just sayin'...watch your back.


andrea eating fire!!1


sam and dale trying to go all multi-burning sparkler on my ass


todd and andrea


burning the sparkler at both ends


and finally at the end of the nite, the cana-dle burned out