back in brooklyn to try on the warmer weather


mike brought his own beans to grumpy!


blossomin' up


technically sideways


dude on the G train (duh) learning Rubik's Cube in 2007


peter pan donuts


suzanne recreating the delight and surprise of her first egg cream




perfect day in prospect park


prospect pat


doug and andrea, birthday-style


shea stadium with hot crane action


my little secret formula for perfect baseball nachos: immerse until limp


andrea being (willingly) fed a pretzel




paul in row V


andrea is sneaky


helping me find my nachos supreme


back in rego park, some interesting israeli cake flour


paul with some kind of lamb dumpling at cheburechnaya


skewered lamb fat for the birthday boy


over on thirteenth street, it's john pat and lara!


shuttery goodness


dawn figuring out the intricacies of the lunch check


see some cats and go to syracuse >