shawn and i set out for a fall drive


the sun came out just as we hit the country


then we accidentally found a pumpkin patch


this smile is a lie, shawn does not like the pumpkin patch


however, i do


furthermore, i have realized my lifelong destiny of seeing a goat skywalk!!


however, first we must eat hot pumpkin donuts with cider


ok, here is a goat, why is he on the ground though?


at least these goats are on a tractor


goat mountain was a total bust. no one told me goat skywalks came skywalking-goat-optional. oh well.


it was all okay because then we found the ontario badlands


shawn liz badlanding







lc badlands


shawn looking out on toronto (really) from the escarpment. there are folding chairs just up on the top of this hill in case you want to sit.


fall in cheltenham


shawn unclogs the credit river


okay, so then we found really good espresso at a cafe in the middle of nowhere where i knew the barista already?


spooky drive


and then we found an abandoned brick works!


cheltenham brick works


watch where you step, as there are tunnels running under the whole thing


haunted brick works