i was the only one excited to stop at the donut mill outside of red deer


5 dozen donuts only $32.50!


but how would you ever decide??


uh, i think we have a little situation...


trying to reinflate the tire by the side of the highway


still trying


my new house?


all the people banned from canadian tire, wetaskiwin, alberta


there was literally not one square foot of earth in this town you could stand in without being eaten alive by mosquitos


edmonton is strict, eh?


decorative trash cans, too


delicious coffee at three bananas, inexplicibly great in downtown edmonton


edmonton nite-time


hey, it's a manhunt perimeter!


and a repurposed theatre now a creepy mega-church!


davey went smoothie crazed after the show that night


allison, unafraid


celery, carrots, grapes, red bull


one two three four five six