raul, brent, and a gallon of very fine milk indeed


emily came from australia, lookit


definitely in the south


the 2009 united states barista team, and their gift to kenya


view from the five-star accommodations arranged for the united states barista champion mike phillips


andrew found me




canada, us, uk (tweedy bloke won it)


write your own caption


octane office


awfully tropical for a dude from michigan


the competition's final party was curtailed by a tornado warning, as demonstrated by this crazy storm spotter at the bar???


so we moved the party to octane. these are two of my favorite people.


back to octane in the morning with baca and fox


elvin taking a little suitcase cruise


everyone goes home today. can you tell?


ran into the new world barista champion at atlanta hartsfield-jackson international


then i missed my flight inside the terminal...and got home at about the same time i would have anyway.


< boiled peanuts, anyone?