{great lakes regional barista competition & coffeefest, chicago february 09}


chi sky


checking out the list of competitors


i was just minding my own business, i swear


how competitors train


scottlucey noir


reunited 'cos we understood


reigning great lakes barista champion empee


always bring a selection of ties to suit your changing moods


"you always make me look like a baller"


colin and nelson melo, who produced the amazing coffee colin and scott competed with


jT panders to the region, but tech judge ian is canadian


friends don't leave friends alone with people who sell chai


the future mr and mrs whitcomb!


85 feelin the chill


introducing..."liquid swords"


mike and talya behind the curtain


jay...it's going to be alright


dp looks so respectable!


isn't it fun to attend a coffee trade show? >