june had enough time to sneak off to brasil for a few days


a long way to travel for a local cup of coffee, but worth it


saõ paulo




the graffiti here is skinny, rune-like


highways and the amazing bridge octavio frias de oliveira in the distance


view from hotel pool (!)




modernist snack food


snack food with squirrels roasting ham hocks over an open fire


crunchy, circular snack food


tv personality kelly choi gets ready for a light snack


brazil rest area overpass


abandoned church


extra bricks


we have arrived at the farm


red petals and patios


coffee drying patios, no longer in use


i don't even know what this is


railroad ties repurposed as fence rails


into the distance


and up very close


and way up high


this kid's trouble


this guy stayed on the minibus window for miles


coffee harvest


aerial fruit


carey does some heavy lifting


the octavio coffee mill. very fancy!


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